Tanya has been mentioned in the media for her innovative product and approaches to gardening.

Oregon Wine Press

The farm-raised granddaughter of homesteaders, Golden grew up around orchards.

She studied to be a chemical herbalist but struggled with the profit demands and plant stress involved in a natural medicine outfit.

After a friend brought a sample of saffron back from Israel, she found her new horticultural business plan.

She applied for federal grants and after the customary delays, Golden was awarded some aid to set up shop.

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Growing up on a farm taught Tanya Golden everything she needed to know about being a sustainable farmer.

That’s why Tanya founded Golden Tradition Saffron Co. in 2018, drawing over 20 years of experience as an herbalist and farmer.

From laying the foundations of the greenhouses and crop beds to hand picking each stem, Tanya brings joy and passion to her work

NAYA Family Center

The North Plains, Oregon-business is led by third-generation sustainable agriculture farmer Tanya Golden, described on the website as a visionary.

“From laying the foundations of the greenhouses and crop beds, to hand picking each stem with love, Tanya brings a conscious joy and passion to her work and community offerings,” the web site states.

But what the website doesn’t mention is the compelling story of Tanya’s journey from herbalist to business owner—and the pivotal role NAYA’s Microenterprise Program played in her breakthrough into business.

Tanya, of Grand Ronde and Cherokee descent, experimented with selling high-end chocolate truffles and herbal remedies as a vendor at small marketplaces and powwows. From these experiences, she realized the products were not feasible to produce for a business of the size and scale she hoped to run.

FinnRiver Journal

As a child Tanya Golden’s family started out as Peach Farmers, under the current name “Golden Orchard.” Later, her mother would branch out to sell creamed honey and gourmet preserves under the same name.

Both of her grandmothers grew up homesteading and she grew up farming. Flash forward to the present-day Tanya Golden is determined to keep her family legacy alive, as well as representing her rich Native heritage.

Tanya has moved forward with the name “Golden Tradition Saffron co. LLC.” Keeping Golden in the name to both “represent my family name and for the word play in the Saffron itself.”

Tanya credits her ongoing success to her Creator, letting her know that she is on the right path. Gifting her with signs such as witnessing rainbows and eagles and even “meant-to-be” connections and phone calls including the one that put her in contact with Finnriver, she says.

Let’s work together.

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